Thursday, June 16, 2011

Complete Genomics Community

Apparently they just released this publicly:

Pretty cool, actually. It has a forum, a wiki-ish knowledgebase (or at least, hopefully it'll be like a wiki in the future) and a tools section.

Currently the tools section has CGAtools and some other scripts written by Steve Lincoln's team at CG. Seems like in the future it will include community-derived data as well.

Also, I'm just gonna throw this out there: It seems like the community is really not satisfied with annotation tools. And by that I do mean Annovar and the Ensembl annotation tools. So I think that's really an open area for development for an ambitious bioinformaticist or two out there.

Cancer Grant Program
Will be officially announced week of June 20th. Basically, it'll be an abstract plus some simple questions. There will be two winners in US and Europe. Applications will be due July 29th, winners decided by August 12th and samples will need to be submitted by September 16th.
Bonus: All applicants will get a future discount regardless.

Pretty cool... time to find some cancer samples to sequence.

Live Polling
Kinda cool (and totally unrelated to genomics/CG... oh well). Never seen this before. Hosted by Basically, you can host a live poll during a Powerpoint presentation. People can text message in a response to the poll and it'll update on the fly within the presentation.

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