Me with a Complete Genomics sequencing chip.
Put your nanoballs in the little lanes and watch them go!
Name: Michael James Clark, Ph.D
Profession: Postdoctoral fellow
Currently at: Stanford University
Alma Mater: UCLA
Fields: Human genetics, genomics, bioinformatics
Languages: English, Japanese
Twitter: @mjcgenetics
23andMe: MJCgenetics

I'm a genomic scientist with an interest in personalized genomics, disease genomics, and exposure and accessability of these fields from the specialized scientists behind it to the general public. My interest in genetics started with fruit flies in high school honors biology at Los Gatos High School. As an undergraduate at UCLA, I worked in Dr. Aldons Lusis' lab with Dr. Peter Gargalovic to look at gene expression trends in mice and cell lines. Later in my graduate studies (after a brief foray into epigenetics and stem cell research), I joined Dr. Stan Nelson's lab at UCLA and was immersed in the world of next-generation sequencing. After sequencing a number of cancers, writing a bioinformatic tool called Breakway, and graduating with my Ph.D (which focused on assessing structural variations in cancer genomes by next-gen sequencing), I started a post-doc at Stanford University. At Stanford, I have worked in Dr. Mike Snyder's lab working on sequencing exomes for Mendelian disorder families, cancers and normal genomes as well as using Complete Genomics and Pacific Biosciences for other studies. 

Over the past couple years, I've become increasingly engrossed with the bioinformatics community, which develops hand-in-hand with genomics. I started this blog to participate in discussions about the latest developments in genomics, to share my data analysis techniques with the community, to disseminate genetic news and information quickly, and to generally share my opinions with others in the field. In addition, I like to help laymen understand the field, so I will make an effort to include posts of that ilk from time to time. I hope it will be informative and interesting for both myself and others.

Recently, I had my own genotypes run by 23andMe and have been excited to dive into that data. I intend to share my results, thoughts, and analyses of my own data as I go.

And yes, someday soon I plan to sequence myself!