Thursday, May 6, 2010

Google Verified Blogging

The next step in optimizing the Blog involves making sure it gets visibility through Google searching by getting it "Google Verified". This is really simple.

Go to Google Webmaster Central and sign in. Add your blog. Your blog will be added instantly, but you'll have to verify it. This is easy to do using the meta tag with Blogger. Go to your Blogger Dashboard, go to Layout, and edit HTML. Go to the bottom of your layout's head and insert the meta tag. The easiest way to do this without screwing anything up is to put it right above the last line of the header. Voila! Verify your site after implementing the meta tag and you're good to go.

Google Webmaster Central includes some interesting stats especially regarding searches that pop up your blog. It's no replacement for GoogleAnalytics, but it does make it easier for Google to put your blog entries up as search results when appropriate.

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